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04 August 2008


Ray Khan

Is offsetting bollocks? Of course it is, when you scan the headlines, however, we must look beyond the headline at the content.

To offset successfully we must understand our businesses and their processes, cradle to grave. It is not often that we look so deeply at our own companies or how we live and work, but when you start to analyse what, why and, how you are doing things you can see the changes that you can make to reduce our footprints.

There are always products we want, even need, that result in carbon emmisions so why not offset these, at least it is doing something till the technology catches up

No one wants to throw money at offsetting so the initial reaction is to reduce the carbon footprint, so you are charged less.

This is exactly the reaction we want, less consumption, less carbon, more sustainability.

If you choose the type of offset carefully you also benefit the wider community through your chosen project/s, projects that are long term and result in added benefit to the local communities, projects working with the communities and enhancing their lives, not just providing you with an easy get out.

Phil Clark

I feel a little silly in coming up with such a coarse initial post and then for it to be followed by such a well argued and reasoned reply.
You're spot on that this is about a process that we all have to go through, not the simple act of paying the charge.

Chris Lister

Sometimes it takes an expletive or two to scare the right answers out into the open. Offseting, if it does fund a legitamate working scheme, is a genuine charitable deed without any smugness: a true move to caring capitalism.

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