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30 June 2008


Nick Devlin


I recently got back from Spain, where I took the high speed AVE trains a couple of times. Now I know that much of the system is less than 15 years old and paid for with EU money, but they were absolutely fantastic. The prices are comparable to UK train fares (but expensive compared to the standard Spanish trains). However, cruising at nearly 200mph and so smooth that there were no ripples in a glass of water. The system directly competes with the airlines, particularly on the Barcelona to Madrid and Madrid to Malaga lines.
We suffer in the UK for have a system frequently part partially upgraded over the years. I for one would be in favour of a large wholesale re-investment.

Phil Clark

I've been planning a trip to Spain, so that's heartening to hear that the train system works so well over there . Some comfort for us, although you doubt there's the political will, or the coffers, for our present administration to put forward wholesale reinvestment.

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