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09 June 2008


Sotto Voce

There was talk a few years ago of introducing a "Sustainaballs Award" for green marketing puff like this. Phil -how about including a category in this Sustainable Buildings Awards for "Best Building Greenwash Campaign"? Clearly this would be a worthy nominee!

Phil Clark

That must have been one of the many ideas I throw out on the blog that don't always transpire.
Yes, such an awards, similar to the ant-Oscar awards for films called the Razzies http://www.razzies.com/ remains a strong idea. Not sure whether many of the winners would make it to Park Lane to receive their boxes of green-washing powder. Perhaps an online award? Any other nominations out there?

Michael Willoughby

I didn't know there was an ant-Oscars. What about the woodlice!?

Nadim Chaudhry

Yes well said - in my experience there are practically no genuine zero carbon venues in existence. One of the best is the Munich New Trade Fair Centre and even with 21,600 solar panels generating 2.3MW and its Natural Gas CHP plant - it only just covers the electricity usage on non-exhibition days. see http://www.messe-muenchen.de/link/en/16629261

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