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23 June 2008


Paul F

It was only a few weeks ago I passed the largest brick structure in Europe. Its amazing after all the years it has been there what an impact it still has on the passer by. Everyone on the train looks in its direction, almost like its calling each one of their names aloud. No matter that some of these people travel this line 5 times a week, that they maybe even grew up in the power stations shadow, no matter that it has not produced power in over 20 years.

It still produces power, all be it in a different form. It is one of the last places unspoilt in London by the development of the 1990's and 2000's. I was shocked when I saw the CG mock ups of what is intended for the site. It makes a mockery of the site and the people that sweated there to power London in good times and the very worst.

I dont know what will come of this plan, if it will end up the way of all the others or not. What I do know however is, so far, anything that has been put on the table has been rejected but one means or another.......... as I said, Battersea still produces power, even if we cant see it.

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