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28 May 2008



Interesting that you feel you have to print it out. I know its unavoidable at times. I, as I am sure you do, loath printing things, I even hate buying books now. Its such a waste of resources. We need something along the lines of an e-book reader, that uses no energy to display text and images. Of course it needs to be cheap too..................I can dream.

Michael Willoughby

I see what you mean, Paul. But since my job is 50% reading and I need to be able to riffle in order to find the numbers I need, buried on some page of some report or other, then I can't really consider it a 'waste,' unless my job in toto is a waste or resources, a possibility which I cannot discount.

For an e-solution to work for me, it would need to be rifflable - each sheet would need to be detachable and updatable. It would need to be cheap, yes, otherwise each refreshable sheet would get lost beneath all the other refreshable sheets on my desk.

It does sound like a dream.

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