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03 April 2008



This is encouraging Phil. But perhaps Paul should look at posts on the blog - (ie here at isite !) where I have commented many times that the USA green build is driven by markets forces, by grass roots needs. Rather than here where we wait for legislation, then complain and set up working groups, just to prolong action, hoping of course it will go away.

I sense, from contacts in the US that they are hungry for something like our code. An they would implement it right away to get market advantage - not set up eco challenges, groups to define what zero carbon means.

We are missing too many tricks in the UK - and wasting time.

Just compare the private housing sector marketing material on green homes in the US and here to see what I mean. (I will post on this on isite soon)


Actually it's Michael, perhaps pretending to be Phil.
I have to disagree about developers waiting for 'this' to 'go away.' I think most developers and construction pros have pretty much accepted the signal from Gov that this is not going to disappear; and they know that the UK is constrained to move in only one direction by Europe and the EPBD. Certainly my contacts, sighing or otherwise, are working out what they have got to do and how to do it. I am happy that this appears the case. One can't be disappointed 24/7! What will be achieved is a different matter entirely.
I would be interested to hear about how the US is engineering market forces to increase the green build. I thought it was a PR-driven exercise and, therefore, free from implementation per se.


It's heartening to read the message being driven to Govt; well done, Paul.

WRT USA: I believe Arnie's State of California is right behind the "green" agenda, primarily because they are really being stretched by a bulging population drawing on scarcer resources, particularly water.

However, I don't believe that, as a nation, we can rely on market forces alone - We only need to look at how the privatisation of bus services works in practice to appreciate the inadequacies of the market.

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