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08 April 2008


mel starrs

Twitter is microblogging and I think del.icio.us, the way I have it set up anyway, is miniblogging. And then there is proper blogging.

So will you be pulling your tweets into your main blog or leaving them as a side project...

Oh, and now you can add twitter to your lijit profile too. Very web2.0

mel starrs

Darn, forgot to mention. I tend to use Facebook for personal relationships and LinkedIn for professional ones, although there is some crossover. I find it useful to seperate my professional and personal life. i.e. on my Facebook status you are likely to find out what I ate for dinner or what band I am listening to, on Twitter, what non-fiction I have been reading or my email availability. That said, I can see Facebook not being much use if you are in face to face contact with your friends on a decent basis, whereas many of my school friends are in far flung places like Oz and Africa...

Phil Clark

Mel, you are well ahead of the curve than me on all this web 2.0 stuff. I must admit I have still yet to grasp the whole del.icio.us thing. Must have a crack at it soon.

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