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26 March 2008



keep at it Phil the blogoshpere needs you :) and its fun to poke at things to see what the reaction is - in a way that only blogging can !

Have you ever thought of a round up of comments from the blogs printed into the mainstream Building mag - that may generate more comments on our posts and in turn inspire...

At least you have good stuff on the ipod now !

Phil Clark

Thanks for the encouragement Martin. I feel renewed sense of purpose after cleansing my doubts.
Good suggestion. Best of the blogs. It's a good subject for a column I could write next month. Thanks.


Don't worry, the occasional waning of blogging enthusiasm is quite natural. Happens to me about twice a year.

Chin up! Looking forward to the column...

Casey Cole

Totally understand the blogging weariness. I think the enthusiasm naturally comes and goes. So chill out, recharge, and then come back fresh.

But don't stay away too long. I think interest and influence of blogs in this sector is steadily growing. There's all sorts of mayhem coming up and you need to be there!

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