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26 February 2008



Good move Phil. I like the idea of a bloggers lounge! From experience this will generate interest globally - possibly more than just the UK - so a great opportunity to share - and learn.

Happy to assist in whatever way I can, for example 'guided' tours through Second Life - the built environment aspects, virtual architecture and usability, education potentials etc.

It would be fascinating to know what the reduced impact of virtual events actually is. Maybe your registration or feedback forms could request a 'real equivalent' ie the transport impact of traveling to a 2 day event in the capital.

It should be relatively easy to get a key speakers to deliver - they can do it from there home, office etc, and claim the green credentials in doing so.

All the best with this one

Phil Clark

Great feedback Martin.
We're thinking of working with a footprinting firm to work out such savings from a virtual show.
Will keep you posted on developments with the event.

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