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12 February 2008


Alex Woodcraft

Not sure if it is sustainable but it looks really cool, maybe we will get jet packs next.

Mark Brinkley

Basements in Amsterdam does have a certain ring to it, but isn't Holland all below sea level? Confident people, the Dutch.


Surely the one thing you don't want in an underground city is cars! Unless they are all electric only I guess. But wouldn't you take the opportunity to build it around a public transport system and then only require peddal power as supplementary means of transport? Waste disposal will be fun too!

Ray Khan

These Dutch people don't fool me I know what they are up to. They dig the land from below them and pile it on top to maintain land mass as the seas rise due to global warming.

Phil Clark

By a quirk of fate there's an exhibition starting today at the Building Centre for all you subterranean fans out there. It's called Underground: London's Hidden Infrastructure http://www.buildingcentre.co.uk/galleries/galleries_main.asp

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