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21 January 2008



I can't believe what I just read. Talk about lowest common denominators. This truly reduces sustainability to the state of a bum.

Before showing you the red card and finally unsubscribing from this, here's a quick lesson on how to make a sustainability quiz: http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/GlobWarmTest/start.html

Good night, and good luck.

Mark Brinkley

It's a strange claim to fame, to become a possible answer in a multiple choice quiz. Esp alongside Jeremy Clarkson and two other people I have never heard of. Clue for readers: I would very much like to have come up with a clever epithet like this, but I didn't (and I doubt that Jeremy Clarkson did either).

And the other quiz linked to by the previous response is truly weird. There are some funny people out there.

Michael Willoughby

I stand by the multichoice Quiz as a valuable learning aid. It almost got me through my French GCSE. And Mademoiselle Donovan never offered us the chance to win a Book Token, neither!

Phil Clark

Matthew - blimey, I didn't realise a quiz could inspire such passion. It was nice to have you here while it lasted.
Mark - grab your fame while it lasts.

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