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18 January 2008



Whoa ... the old chestnut of POE. Why are they called post occupancy evaluations? POE's form the start of what should be an ongoing continuous usability study that adds value to the organisation, its people and of course the environment.

Building occupants are a valuable source of information on building performance as well
as indoor environmental quality and their effects on comfort and productivity.

Many years ago, working with Be, now part of CE - we developed the concept of feedback-feedforward, feeding forward to improve.

A BREEAM Lite? excellent - if we cant meet the requirements - change them

Chris Watson

It is good to see Post Occupancy Evaluation defended, but I disagree with: ""POE defined as the process of systematically comparing the actual performance of buildings, places and systems to explicitly documented criteria for their expected performance."

The problems with this definition are that the authors of the expectations are not defined and the expectations are based on predicted building use, not actual.

I define Post Occupancy Evaluation as the assessment of buildings in terms of all stakeholders' uses.

Stakeholders are those people with an interest in the building including future generations off-site.

POE reduces environmental damage by improving building quality thereby extending the life of the building, and also by improving environmental impact of building construction and operation.

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