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31 October 2007


Andy Swarbrick

Hi, A couple of useful links, but may I add a very key point.

Any website that freecycles is doing it from person to person. With (just) the UK at 70m people that is a lot of potential exchanges. The two others that you posted look very specialist and may more be described as business to business (albeit many are home owners rebuilding their home, therefore the amount of activity on either will be very, very much less. That said on activity levels, in the b2b kind of exchange the value of any transaction (if a value can be put on a freecycling kind of exchange) would be so much higher.


I am not sure I understand Andy's point. Does this mean the value of the B2B sites is higher? Or does this relate to activity levels?

We put our old TV on Freecycle. Within an hour a woman whose three kids had been driving her up the wall for the last day or two had picked it up. Definitely left a warm and fuzzy feeling, I'm not sure you can put a value on that transaction?

Phil Clark

I think Andy's point is that when you get into bulk stocks of materials or products there may have to be more of a transaction involved rather than just handing the stuff over. Perhaps he can help on this one.

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