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18 October 2007



Phil - yes we do need more joined up thinking, esp in the engagement of construction and fm.

There has been and continues to be joint activities - not directly environment related but never the less. I am thinking here of the abecfm work between be (now constructing excellence) and cfm (centre for facilities management). Concepts such as the industry formerly known as construction, feedforwardfeedback, and 1:5:200, surfaced or were defined through this work.
(see http://www.constructingexcellence.net/sectorforums/buildingestatesforum/downloads/040216_FM.pdf
I am also aware of continued joined up thinking with the building estates sector of constructing excellence where the concept of 1:5:200 and value tends to dominate.

The construction sustainability paper out for consultation calls for integrated working - we need to push this to mean integrated across the provision (construction) and consumption (fm) divide

But you are right - we should push for environmental collaboration.

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