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23 October 2007


Casey Cole

This wriggling out of the renewables targets is pathetic. While much of the rest of Europe (especially Germany) pushes forward with renewables, creating jobs and expertise in the process, the UK languishes behind the pack, steadily losing credibility. And all to indulge the CBI and nuclear lobby. Fantastically short sighted.


"Wicks then added that cutting carbon emissions wasn't just about renewables - there's carbon capture and nuclear that can play a part."

Here's an idea - let's try to deal with one environmental concern by causing several more.

Is it just me or does the whole carbon debate just go from bad to worse?

Phil Clark

Malcolm Wicks apeared a bit ashamed himself announcing this. I spoke to a friend of his this morning who reckoned Wicks had been ground down on the issue. Unfortunately it's hard to disagree with Matthew's downhearted take on this. How hard would it really be for our Government to tackle accelerating renewable generation?
Perhaps this could be a campaign if anyone thinks we have an earthly chance of persuading the Government to discover an iota of ambition.


I think the government has ambition, I'm just not sure I like the direction! ;)

As for campaigns, I wonder if this from Freshfields gives you any ideas:

"Each of us can now calculate our carbon footprint and we are being encouraged to do so, and it is probably just as well that we learn how because the indicators are that we will need to get used to paying for the carbon we emit"

Should lead to a booming trade in lung capacity reduction surgery...

Peter Kenyon

Perhaps Malcolm Wicks has read the small print of the Sustainable Development Commission report "Turning the Tide" and realised it isn't such a ringing endorsement of the Severn Barrage as his boss John Hutton thought when he pre-empted the SDC and announced a feasibility study during the Labour Party conference. There are however things that government can do to explore tidal range potential. That includes enabling a demonstration tidal lagoon to be built. It will not be cheap at around £100 million for a 50-60MW version. But at least it could be generating by 2012/13, not 2018/20 which is the earliest the Barrage could be generating assuming it meets the SDC tests.

Phil Clark

I wonder whether our political master are able to really think and act in a long term fashion.

Peter Kenyon

Dear Phil

Surely that ability to think long term is not in doubt, otherwise we would not be where we are reviving interest in both nuclear energy and the Severn Barrage. We just need to raise our game to that of, or better than, the respective lobbies for those projects. About which I am just writing a note to my collaborators in tidal lagoons.

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