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04 October 2007


IF Kite

Phil. What I find most scandalous about measurement, or more importantly the lack thereof, is that resources could be misappropriated.

Consider the funds spent on renewables by developers, and compare this to the lack of feedback of the renewables performance. Technologies could be getting put into developments where they produce nothing like the 10% or more that they're earmarked to do.

Slick sales patter, glossy brochures and unsubstantiated performance claims could be bleeding money away from the technologies which should be getting preferential treatment. As is, there's too much speculation - we desperately need to feedback demonstrated performance to the design process to help designers make informed decisions.

It's something I'd certainly like to see incorporated into statute in the next revision of Part L.

Ripe ground for a Building sponsored campaign perhaps?

Why not also make metering technology standardised not only to ensure that every manufacturer's on a level playing field but also so we can get the meters to be integrated into Building Energy Management Systems for the larger building or smart metering systems for residences.

Phil Clark

I couldn't agree more. You put forward a persuasive case for a campaign, which I think is well worth our consideration.

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