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31 October 2007



I see no real departure from the existing timeline, apart from a bit more detail.

Am I missing something?

Phil Clark

Perhaps I'm being dumb but as far as I understood the initial plan for EPCs was that all buildings 500m2 and above would need them if they are sold, rented or built next April. This has now been put back to later in the year. It is now being phased, ie slowed down. Your site appears to confirm this in an update today.


It is confusing isn't it!

I've re-read: The dates - to me - appear the same, but the building sizes have changed.

What's more, the CLG have seemingly moved the smaller buildings (10,000 sqm buildings to April 2008...

... which seems very odd given that the current (saturated) crop of (underworked) DEAs are basically qualified to work on the smaller buildings.



PS... It seems my post was parsed somewhat, so reads incorrectly.

Smaller buildings have slipped to Oct 2008; larger to April.

(I used the "less than" math sign which caused the parser to get all security-conscious - Understandable)

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