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20 August 2007


Jon Goodbun

Your coments on the Green Party are right on the money... where are they!? I can't help but wonder and hope that there is a new progressive left-eco political formation yet to emerge. There appear to be enough civicly minded individuals in blogspace - they are just not getting involved in real politics yet though...

I posted some comments on the reception of the Climate Change Camp on http://www.thepolytechnic.org/

How well did the 'architecture' of the camp - such as the solar water heating, composting toilets, and general spatial layout - actually work? I imagine it would be difficult to get the tech working seamlessly over such a short time frame, but how was the general spatial-social layout etc. Was there anythng for architects to learn from or contribute to?

Phil Clark

Interesting points Jon on the architecture. Will there be a longer term shift to temporary architecture, where instant cities or villages will be created that have less environmental impact than permanent structures? There was an interesting recent special edition of RIBA that focused on temporary architecture which seems to have captured the zeitgeist.
On the political side I'm not sure anyone has quite got their heads round evolving movements based on single issues into something bigger. There needs to be a broader political message than just being green, and that's a difficult one if you're calling yourselves the Green Party.

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